It is essential for those who want to visit the beaches of Elba Island to know the direction of the wind. There is a rule to follow:  when the wind is from the north, you have to visit the beaches in the south of the island, when the wind is from the south, you have to visit the beachs of the north of the island. You can consult any weather site or download the app to guide you in your choice. You can also ask us and we will help you. 

Are you on holiday on Elba Island and you do not know in which beach to go?

Elba Island offers many beaches and of various types: white and black sand beaches, pebble beaches and large slabs of granite.

The sandy beaches that you absolutely cannot miss during your holiday on Elba Island are Marina di Campo, Cavoli, Fetovaia, Lacona, Innamorata, Morcone and Biodola.

Marina di Campo is the longest sandy beach on the island and it is perfect for families with children, because the seabed slopes very slowly.

The beach extends for about 1300 meters and it is located right in front of the town, so if you have an apartment in the center you don’t need the car to reach the beach. 

The beach of Marina di Campo has free beach and bathing establishments where you can rent umbrellas and deck chairs. There are also two boat rent.  

Cavoli is the most famous beach of the island: the color of the sea is crystal clear, the bay is sheltered from the winds (in winter all people from Elba go there not only to sunbathe but also to take a bath out of season). It is the most frequented beach by young people, here you can due to who meet in a well-known beach club to have an aperitif at sunset, directly on the beach.

The beach is more than 350 meters long, has bathing establishments that remain open from June to October, if you spend your holidaywant to visit in July and August, we recommend that you leave early in the morning, to be able to find parking.

Fetovaia is one of the most visited beaches of Elba, thanks to its position sheltered from the winds and its transparent water. It is about 200 meters long and is mostly equipped with bathing establishments.

Our tipp: after your day on the beach, go to the roadside before sunset to witness a truly wonderful spectacle: the sky is colored first pink and then red, you will not regret it!

Lacona is one of the most suitable beaches for families with children and is very famous because it is the only beach in the entire Tuscan Archipelago that has preserved intact dune areas. The beach of Lacona is one of the few beaches in Elba that allows you to have a natural shade, in fact behind the beach there is a pine forest that allows you to eat and rest in the shade of pine trees.

Spiaggia dell’Innamorata is almost 280 meters long and it is make up of dark sand (its color is due to iron and very small pebbles) thanks to its seabed rich in fauna it is also very popular with those who practice snorkeling. This beach is 5 km from Capoliveri and can be reached by car or with a shuttle bus service from Capoliveri.

The beach is equipped with bathing establishments and it has also a free area, there are also bars and restaurants.

We suggest you to visit the beach on July 14th, there is a torchlight procession and a parade with over one hundred participants in sixteenth-century clothing.

The beach of Morcone is about 270 meters long and consists of sand and gravel of small size, the color of the sea is deep blue and is served by a bathing establishment.

We recommend to rent a boat and reach the promontory of Punta Calamita, you can explore beaches and coves that can only be reached by sea, including Calone and Cannello. Do you know that in 2021 some caretta-caretta turtles were born in this beach? 

The beach is 3 km from Capoliveri and then can also be reached during the summer by a minibus service. 

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